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Discussion between Dr. Michoel Schulman and Dr. Baruch Trappler on Seven Noahide Laws

After reading the article, please press on the link and listen to the words actually said by the Rebbe.



Shalom Rabbi Dr. Baruch,

Thank you for your message about the response your received that:

“Regarding your idea about Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach … it had come up to the board of Merkos and after numerous meetings it was decided that the Rebbe did not have in mind [sic.] that the shluchim should put their koichos into that…”

Maybe instead of Merkos having numerous committee meetings to decide and dictate what the Rebbe had in mind, it would be better to look into the actual words of the Rebbe, on the safe assumption that the Rebbe actually had in mind what he said. Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver has performed the invaluable service of translating many published records of the Rebbe’s Sichos at public Farbrengens about promoting knowledge and observance of the Sheva Mitzvos among Gentiles, and among these are Sichos in which the Rebbe told us what he had in mind in regard to Shluchim putting koichos into this. Here are some footnoted excerpts from Rabbi Oliver’s translations [this is still-unpublished intellectual property of Rabbi Oliver].

Kol Tov,

Dr. Michoel Schulman


—–Excerpts from Sichos by the Rebbe—-


The International Conference of Chabad Shluchim has the advantage and strength of a congregation. This endows every single emissary with special strength for his individual mission in his own location, and to all the emissaries as a whole, to continue their work to disseminate Torah, Judaism, and the wellsprings of Chassidic teachings outward…

Put simply, the emissaries all have common activities in which each one can learn and receive advice, encouragement, and support from another emissary who has succeeded in a particular area. This also includes seeking advice [at the conference] about activities for disseminating justice and righteousness among the Gentile nations through bringing them to adhere to the Noahide Code, and how to increase and expand this in all sorts of ways. [1]

[1] Hitva’aduyot 5747, Vol. 1, p. 544. [Editorial note: this could accurately be paraphrased as “putting koichos.”]

The unique novelty of the “Global Conference of Chabad Shluchim” – and hence the need for Divine assistance and human participation, efforts, and involvement – may also be inferred from its name. The simple meaning of the title “Global Conference” is one in which emissaries from all over the world take part. But it also contains a deeper meaning:

The word “global” implies that the conference ought to be on a global scale. This means that the conference, and primarily, the mission work of its participants – the Shluchim – must influence the entire world… In this connection there is a further matter of primary importance. In order to make a dwelling place for G-d in this world that encompasses the entire world, that it be truly global (as the Conference of Emissaries is described, on a truly global scale), it is necessary to influence the Gentile nations – especially in light of the fact that they constitute the vast majority of mankind. …

In addition to a Jew’s shlichus to observe the Torah and Mitzvot, and to influence other Jews to do likewise, he is also commanded to influence the Gentile nations to observe the Seven Noahide Commandments, as Maimonides rules, “Moses was commanded by the Al-mighty to compel all the inhabitants of the world to accept the commandments given to Noah’s descendants.”  This can be explained as follows: The general theme underlying the entire Noahide Code is that “He formed it [the world] to be settled”  – this means inhabiting and civilizing the world, to make it into a place suitable for human habitation. It then becomes fit for the Jews to make from it a dwelling place for G-d. If any place in the world lacks proper civilization, that place is not completely fit to be made a dwelling place for G-d. …

Now the reason that it is called a “Global Conference of Chabad Shluchim” is apparent. The term “Global Conference of Chabad Shluchim” implies an assembly and unity of Shluchim from various places in the world – in fact from all four corners of the globe. Each Shaliach represents the Jews and in his place, and the Gentile nations as well with whom he works, and whom he assists in their Divine service. This further underlines the principle that the task of the Shluchim is to influence the entire world and make it a dwelling place for G-d. [2]

[2] Sefer HaSichot 5750, Vol. 1, pp. 142-145. See also ibid. 5752, Vol. 2, p. 364. Cf. Hitva’aduyot 5748, Vol. 1, p. 501; ibid. 5750, Vol. 1, p. 380.

Maimonides writes: “Although Isaiah states: ‘The wolf will dwell with the lamb,’ … these [words] are a metaphor and a parable … [interpreted to mean that in the Messianic Age] the Jewish people will dwell securely together with the wicked of the nations … and they [the nations] will all return to the true faith and no longer steal rob nor destroy.” This emphasizes first and foremost the refinement of the Gentile nations.

The equivalent of this in our Divine service, which prepares the way for this prophecy, is the activity of Chabad Houses not only to influence Jewish people, but also Gentiles. [3]

[3] Hitva’aduyot 5747, Vol. 1, p. 490.

My father-in-law, the [Previous] Rebbe, whose first name is Joseph, is the “Joseph” of our generation. He has paved the way for all his students and Shluchim who follow in his ways, and through them, for all the Jewish people, to occupy themselves with disseminating Torah and Judaism, and spreading the wellsprings of Chassidic teachings in every place and circumstance – even in “Egypt,” [i.e. the paradigm for] a place that is furthermost from G-dliness.

They can accomplish this in a way that not only does their presence in the “outside” (“Egypt”) [where holiness is absent] not detract from their attachment to G-d. On the contrary, they can influence the entire “land of Egypt,” fulfilling the imperative upon Jews “to compel all the inhabitants of the world to accept the commandments given to Noah’s descendants … because the Holy One, blessed be He, commanded them in the Torah and informed us through Moses our teacher [that Noah’s descendants had been commanded to fulfill them previously],” as Maimonides rules clearly. [4]


[4] Likkutei Sichot, Vol. 30, pp. 226, 228.

The Rebbe’s words speak for themselves.

Right now, Hashem wants to send Moshiach and the Geulah Shalaima, and He wants us to prepare ourselves and the rest of the world for this. The way we do that is by doing what He told us to do – to learn and observe the obligations He gave us, which includes our G’d-given obligation to encourage Gentiles to learn and observe the obligations He gave to them. To put this very briefly because I’m pressed for time right now:

The Rebbe said that the way to approach a decent Gentile, whether secular or religious, it to say to him/her:

You are doing a lot of good things in your life. That is wonderful and you should continue to do so. But G-d also gave these 7 commandments in the Bible that are for all people, and they were never taken away or replaced, so they still apply. If you will add these on to what you are doing now, you’ll find that it will bring you into a closer, more personal relationship with G-d. What I’m giving you is just the basic description, but it has a lot of depth. If you want to look into it and learn more, here is where you can do that…

Here is how one rabbi promoted the 7 Mitzvos and their moral umbrella to decent Gentiles in a way that the Rebbe was very pleased with

Kol Tov,

Michoel Schulman


Why they call Trump the Jewish President

The American Jewish Establishment has greater resemblance to the political platform and politique of the Progressive Liberal Wing of the new Democratic Party of Obama and Clinton, than Bible-based values. Is there a Jewish political leader today espousing values crucial to survival of our people or State?

Within the circles of Jewish Intelligentsia in Israel and the U.S. one can predict support for Cities of Refuge, open borders, abortions for social convenience, and tolerance toward the unconditional march toward peace with our adversaries at any cost. They are so embedded in these “progressive” ideologies to the extent that the reality of political empirical observations has become irrelevant. In fact, many Israelis accept the reality of daily stabbings, the demand for a Palestinian State within Israel, (and empathy for one`s adversary without any reciprocal recognition of one`s own right to live).

Unconditional tolerance is embraced as an ideal surpassing consistent adversity of outcome. Jews feel vindicated by supporting every designated underdog, ranging from “Black Lives Matter”, to any front-group supporting the rights of Palestinians in Judea and Samaria: –  even when their support means living in an environment of escalating threat, widespread terrorism, and sat on its hands until this escalated to existential threat to the entire Jewish State.

Slogans that constellate Jewish support include euphemisms and totally fabricated narratives while conditions on the ground deteriorate from within the Jewish Establishment always on the ready for the exploitation of the misguided sentiments fabricated to meet the political needs of the moment. The Jewish sentiment has always been “What`s yours is yours, and what`s mine is yours”.

That’s why most Israelis refer to their Homeland as “Occupied”. In any open public debate, one would in fact discover not a shred of evidence that there was, is, or can be “a Palestinian State”.

So, if a U.S. President like Trump arrives with a policy taken from Oral Law, but foreign to the secular Jewish establishment that “what’s yours is yours” (anything east of the Jordan River) and what’s mine is mine” it would fly in the face of the Jewish-Liberal establishment.

I would also apply Trumps doctrine toward illegal aliens (anyone living in Israel advocating Jihad): Expel all Jihadists from Israel rather than providing them with “Cities of Refuge” (which we call “No-Go-Zones”).

Why: because, by believing that “what I have belongs to you”, leads to a simmering resentment upon discovery that no such recipe exists, doesn’t bide well for either side of the conflict

So, to quote the “Ethics of the Fathers” (which is Oral Law):

Any expectation that Trump will negotiate (make concessions) with an adversary whose template is that of “conquest through deception” will discover that “the art of the deal” places personal survival ahead of philanthropy, concession, and generosity at one`s own expense.

If the foundation of the Modern American Establishment is embedded in the genetic-template of empathy and political compromise to the point of self-negation, Trump is the wrong President.

This is a guilt-narrative that Trump will never support.

But nor would Torah.

The most crucial value that any leader brings to governance is his commitment to survival of the community that he serves. To this extent, Trump`s values are more Jewish than what Israel has had until now.

Its preferable to an Israeli leadership dedicated to the values espoused by the leaders of the American Reform Community, obsessed by the need to acquiesce anything, without any knowledge of Torah values or Jewish survival.


Hoping that Mr. Trump wont fall prey to the Illusion known as “The Oslo Accords”

In 1994 Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat reached an agreement brokered by President Clinton, known as the “Oslo Accords”.

In Letters of Mutual Recognition, Arafat,  representing the “Palestinian People” agreed  to  desist  from pledging violence and threat of the destruction of the Israeli state.

For their part, the Israeli representatives recognized  PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat Mr. Arafat as a legitimate representative for the Palestinians in the negotiations.

In essence, the accords called for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, leaving Israel with defendable borders, while affirming  limited Palestinian right of self-governance within certain areas as a trial form of Palestinian Interim Self-Government.

Palestinian rule was to last for a five-year interim period during which “permanent status negotiations” would commence, contingent on the Palestinians demonstrating the capacity to govern themselves according to democratic principles, with free and general political elections.

Based on the empirical reality governing such a contingency, the Palestinians failed to meet either of these requirements: Fatah, the group that represented the Palestinians in the negotiations, accepted the accords.

But Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine objected to the accords.

The accords were accepted with a high degree of skepticism by the Israeli population. The right-wing parties, led by Likud, correctly suspected that the Palestinians were merely entering a tactical peace agreement, and were being deceptive about wanting to reach peace and coexistence with Israel.

Other Palestinian factions gave their nod to the accords, but saw it as part of a Ten Point Program calling for National Authority “over every part of Palestinian territory leading to  “the liberation of all Palestinian territory”, and attempted to justify the signing of the accords as merely the initial step to reach this final goal.

For his part, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin remained highly ambivalent throughout the process, but succumbed to the combination of Peres`s “back-channel” private negotiations ending in a falling-out with Mr. Peres, and terminating with Rabin`s assassination (in which Peres was implicated). Rabin`s difficulties were amplified by the strong-arm tactics applied by his other reliable “ally,” President Clinton, for whom an agreement was considered as an essential component for his legacy.

(The subsequent discovery of his foundation receiving hundreds of millions of Islamic contributions, also calls into question, in hindsight, whether he was qualified as a neutral broker in an agreement that would subsequently cost thousands of lives, both Jewish and Arab.)

The Accords also created a narrative that was easily seized-upon by subsequent negotiators as the threshold from which to heap concessions upon Israel, while never applying measurable metrics for Palestinian compliance.

The Oslo I Accords were followed in 1995 by Oslo II. Neither promised Palestinian statehood.

Jerusalem’s new mayor and later Prime Minister Ehud Olmert opposed the agreement. In  particular, he called the ceding of strategic areas around East Jerusalem as a “dark cloud over the city”. Olmert, (considered as center-left in the political-spectrum) had favored the idea of developing Jewish neighborhoods to the East of Jerusalem to expand Jerusalem as the Jewish capital rather than ceding such territories to the Palestinians.

The intention of Oslo was to create a designed step-wise withdrawal of territories conquered  by Israel dating back  to 1948 concealed by a fictitious narrative. Israel would be divided into a checker-board with islands of Jewish populations separated by dozens of  rural Arab villages.  Over time, it would achieve for Israel`s enemies what six major wars couldn`t: Israel`s retreat to indefensible borders, and the restoration of  Bill Clinton`s legacy from ashes. The subsequent discovery that millions of Saudi and other Arab dollars would flow into the Clinton Foundation, was never considered as undermining  Clinton as a legitimate Peace-Broker.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rabin`s own military advisers viewed “the Oslo Accords”, as  a non-starter from being the get-go.

The Oslo Accords would inflict a wound that would slowly hemorrhage the Jewish State by creating an asymmetrical formula: One in which Israel would exchange vital strategic assets for Arab “goodwill”. While ceding control over vital strategic and religious landmarks, the Arabs, for their part, were spared the application of any sort of metrics to measure concepts such as “goodwill”, “incitement”, or the ultimate existential issue for Israel: A signed letter of recognition of their right to exist.

Unlike the Iran Nuclear deal whereby the U.S. would  facilitate Iran`s acceptance into the International Nuclear club.  The deal was written behind closed doors without contingencies or  common-sense methods of verification.  Since two-thirds of Congress has to verify any Treaty, Obama simply bypassed them and it was ratified by the Security Counsel before it became a legal document since “A Treaty not inspected and edited/modified by Congress is not a Treaty”.

Here we see the role of the Government-Media Complex. In order to prevent the civilian host-population from observing the steady escalation of terrorism ushered-in  by Oslo, the threshold required to fulfill the ensuing Jihad would be held to the highest level of political correctness from which no Jewish politician  could in future -negotiations untangle himself.

The Oslo Accords required that Israel, while charged with the moral obligation of occupying only 0.5% of the land-mass in the Middle-East,  yet intended to provide safe-haven to the entire Jewish Nation, in a tiny designated neighborhood, hand-over to “the Palestinians” consecutive land-mass, without receiving anything in return  but further death, hatred, and further incitement.

Step-1 in stopping the bleeding caused by daily stabbings, vehicular terrorism, drive-by shootings, and arson, has to begin by annulling the Oslo Accords, for many of the same reasons as the need to annul the Iranian Nuclear Treaty:

Not because of the daily incitement throughout the “Palestinian” media, schools and Universities (across Israel, Europe, and the U.S.), that creates a threat-level no-longer  regarded  by Jews (even in France) as a “safe-haven” for all.  Rather because the above-mentioned treaties were never executed in good-faith, but as “victory through deception”, which is obvious to anyone familiar with Law.

“The Palestinians” are also aware that they have the unconditional approval of the U.N., E.U. and eight-years of  Obama,  combining this horrible  reality with a virtual freeze on “Jewish Settlements” (while the Arabs increased their building with a vengeance, effectively encircling the Jewish Capital – East Jerusalem (as Olmert warned), which has effectively stifled Israel`s main source of revenue – tourism, failing to foresee that most tourists are reluctant to accept Israel`s new reality (from which trauma-specialists have coined a new term in the trauma-literature – “the Continuous Trauma Paradigm”, referring to the psychological effects of having to live under a continuous threat (See Shalev, American Journal of Psychiatry).

President-Elect Mr.Donald Trump is a realist who can only help Israel once they become rehabilitated from their “Collective Stockholm syndrome” and adjust to what the  the ultimate deal-maker, will immediately recognize as being lethal: A Deal which involves the exchange of  tangible material concessions for a promise of goodwill that passed Clinton and Peres`s threshold for a contract, (like the Iranian Nuclear Treaty) without yielding any security to those in the line of fire.

Today, Oslo is very much alive in the virtual-reality of  Israeli politicians wit large off-shore holdings.  But when asking Arabs living in Israel about it, they will turn a full circle, and pointing a finger in all directions, proclaim that “Every Inch of this land belongs to us. It was given to the Jews as compensation for the Holocaust”. Knowing that the Israelis will always be found guilty by the media for Settlement development; which remains the single obstacle to peace: Explaining the repetitious mantra that “This entire land always belonged to us, and always will” (despite the fact that thousands of Jews lived in Jerusalem since the destruction of the Second Temple by Rome. And a country known as Palestine didn`t even exist during hundreds of years of Muslim rule. Neither Turkey (prior to 1918) nor Jordan (who conquered and occupied East Jerusalem and the “West Bank” from 1948 to 1967), considered it as a potential Palestinian State.

In a 2001 video Netanyahu was recorded asking (about the Oslo Accords): “How did we do it? Nobody said what `defined military zones` were!  And the defined “military zones” are actually “security zones”; as far as I’m concerned, the entire Jordan Valley should be defined as a military zone. “I ‘m going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the ’67 borders”. (Wikipedia)

Perhaps  Mr. Trump  won`t be lured into the obsession of  trying to negotiate with terrorists. even while under fire !

The Democratic Party violates the Noahide Laws. A glimpse of the implications of Voting for Hillary

A central tenet of all Western, Judaic-derived religions, is the belief that all humanity will eventually stand before the Creator to be judged.

Biblical terms such as “Oath”, “Testament”, or “Law”, all imply that ancient man forged a dynamic contract with the Creator that remains eternally binding.

Furthermore, since He owns this universe, and is not time-limited, there is no escape from judgment, even in death.

Theologians accept that the Seven Laws given to Noah after the flood are perpetually in effect.

The perpetuity of this tradition is its appearance throughout biblical sources such as the Talmud and Midrash.

Reference to the Seven Laws given to Noah is discussed in the Talmud: That early man abided by a Divine Oath of Sacred Laws can be found in ancient Hindu scripture, dating back prior to the Commandments given to Moses at Sinai.

One such script is found in ancient Hindu Manuscripts, -The Upanishads, which agrees that “The Law” is a fundamental template in the creation of the Universe:

“He created the most excellent Law (dharma). Law is the power of powers; therefore, there is nothing higher than the Law. Thereby even a weak man overpowers the stronger, as if receiving the help of the King”. (Robert O. Ballou, Editor, The Bible of the World. Viking Press, New York, 1939, page 41)

Theologians accept that the Seven Laws given to Noah after the flood are perpetually in effect.

The perpetuity of this tradition is its appearance throughout biblical sources such as the Talmud and Midrash.

Theologians, in general, agree that the seven categories of Noahide Law not only maintain civilization, but also demonstrate “obedience to a Creator”.

It therefore behooves ethicists of all denominations to disseminate these seven Noahide laws.

In 1928, Philip Biberfeld published a book listing the Noahide laws according to their serial arrangement in the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 56 a (“The Bible and the Ancient Code Laws” –appendix, Universal Jewish History, New York, Spero Foundation, 1948):

  1. Justice:  There is an imperative to enforce all forms of social justice, and a prohibition against the miscarriage of justice.
  2. Blasphemy:  The prohibition against speaking about G-d in a disrespectful or profane way.
  3. Idolatry:  Prohibits worshiping idols, monuments, or celestial bodies
  4. Illicit Intercourse: The prohibition against unnatural sexual behavior or incest.
  5. Homicide: The prohibition against extrajudicial killing a non-combatant
  6. Theft: The prohibition against taking another`s possessions.
  7. The prohibition of removing or eating the flesh or limb of a living animal eating the flesh of a living animal).

In conclusion, centuries of discussion regarding the Seven Noahide Laws appear to impose on all of mankind an eternal moral code of truth based on antiquity

  • Have sources in the Midrash and Talmud
  • Constitute an enduring legal and moral authority on all mankind
  • Provide a legitimate reference for international Law


Maimonides explains that at the end of days “The Supreme King will reveal His Presence which will become as apparent as the water fills the oceans”.

In my Tri-Tripartite Theory of Trauma, I refer to a “caretaker” as any individual (e.g., a parent), civilian organization (e.g., “Child Protective Services”), governmental bureau or authorized agency. In many instances, as illustrated in various chapters, the caretaker becomes the predator. This happens most often in domestic settings, when a parent abuses his or her child, and evidence emerges that the Caretaker colluded with the predator, mysteriously absent, or (from the victim’s perspective), “should have known”.

The Tripartite Theory also applies to a multiple to multiple instances involving political terrorism. What I encourage the reader to examine not only the psychological damage of trauma to the victim, but also the relationships between the caretaker and perpetrator, as well as the too-frequent failures of civilian governmental agencies (such as the Department of Health; and the Dept. of Food and Agriculture).

The recent discovery of close partnerships between large for-profit corporate manufactures and their government-regulators including the Pharmaceutical industry by-passes the checks-and-balances that normally empower the civilian population to monitor doses and ingredients of their food-products and water supplies.

A government, in addition to its responsibility to its citizens in its Caretaker responsibilities, is also responsible for governance, via Courts of Justice.  In addition to its Constitutional obligations to protect the civil-rights, autonomy, and sense of safety of its civilians, it`s inclusion in the Seven Noahide Laws, confers a Biblical obligation.

According to Maimonides, there are twenty Laws enumerated from the total list of Six Hundred and Thirteen Laws in the Torah that fall under the Noahide obligation of “Justice”.

I will list several that are pertinent to the current Democratic template; and, more-specifically, to the Clintons, both individually, as well as their Foundation.

If correct, the anecdotes that I will raise, show a willful disregard of the Rule of Law by these standards.

The Laws will be listed, together with those items that form an integral part of stated policies and factual behaviors that clearly violate one of the Seven Noahide Laws.

I will begin with some examples of imperatives enumerated by the Torah that meet the requirements of the Laws of Noah on Justice.

Their violation of Torah Law would religiously prohibit anyone from providing them any form of support: from financial, to empowering or validating them. Any individual or organization that supports a government that explicitly violates any of these Laws, is a crime in the eyes of God, for which they lose their place in the World to Come.

  • The requirement to treat litigants equally before the Law (Positive Mitzvah 176)
  • To inquire diligently into the testimony of a witness (Positive Mitzvah 179)
  • The wanton miscarriage of Justice by the court (Negative Mitzvah 273)
  • A judge accepting a bribe or gift from a litigant (Negative Mitzvah 274)
  • The judge showing marks of honor to but one of the litigants (Negative Mitzvah 275)
  • Against the Judge acting out of fear or under threat of a litigant`s threats (Negative Mitzvah 276)

The Lubavitcher Rebbe consistently articulated the obligation to support the party or candidate in a political election whose ideology was consistent with the ways of the Torah, and the Noahide Laws.

Since the platform of the current Democratic party promotes values that clearly violate the Noahide Laws, Torah prohibits both Gentile and Jew from electing any candidate, of any religion representing this party, since it clearly violates the Laws of Noah, Moses, the prophets, our sages, and our Master Maimonides.

I will bring three examples:

“Thou shalt not kill”.  Late-Trimester abortions not performed to save the life of the mother fall under this category. Anyone who destroys a viable fetus is regarded by the Torah and Seven Noahide Laws as having transgressed the Commandment against the murder. This includes those supporting, legislating, or participating through membership in or sponsorship of “Planned Parenthood” -a euphemism for genocide.

The failure of the present government to save the lives of the tragic victims of Benghazi are as guilty as the terrorists, since the victims called for help, and their appeals were ignored. Withholding Caretaking function from citizens who could and should have been rescued implicates anyone involved in withholding assistance, or suppressing information about this dereliction of duty, have the blood of the victims on their hands.

Anyone who knows about this crime and supports the individuals responsible for their deaths, places themselves in collusion with the criminals by supporting them, rather than holding them to be judged by fair courts of Justice.

The collusion between the Hillary Clinton, the Justice Department, and the media via bribes, duress, or any form of incentive preventing full accountability for the failure to protect citizens who became victims of terrorism are in violation of the Laws of Noah on Justice (Maimonides Negative Mitzvah 273-275).

If the citizens of the United States elect a candidate who persistently showed dereliction of her duties in Caretaking towards the citizens of the country by whom she was employed, they share the responsibility of the death and suffering resulting from such dereliction of Caretaking responsibilities. Furthermore, they have heard the testimony of the families of the victims yet re-elect those who failed to protect them, are in collusion of this crime.

Without appropriate repentance, which is far from forthcoming, they lose their place in the World to Come and will be considered as guilty in the Heavenly Court.

In similar function, government officials, whether in Europe or the United States, who put the interests of strangers ahead of the welfare and safety of their own citizens, whether by prisoner-release, wanton disregard for national security, or the facilitation of transfer of resources or intellectual information belonging to the people for personal gain, are all in violation of their caretaker function.

They too, are responsible for any past or future harm to the citizens to whom they were charged to protect.

There is no more flagrant indication of lack of remorse than to re-elect candidates belonging to that political party. Whether they lend support to the guilty party by virtue of their vote, financial assistance,  obstruction of prosecution, or willful dissemination of disinformation, they are guilty and lose their right to the World to Come.

Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

At the end of Days the Temple of King Solomon will be restored in its original place. The Court of One Hundred and Twenty Sages (The Sanhedrin) will be re-established, and the House of David will appoint Courts and Judges to rule on their  record of conduct based on the Noahide Oath made between God and Ancient Man. (The Divine Code, Edited by Dr. Michael Schulman, 2011, Published by Ask Noach International, 2011).


First time Rabbi from King-David Dynasty warns of catastrophic result if Hillary wins

Source: Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

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Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

First time Rabbi from King-David Dynasty warns of catastrophic result if Hillary wins

Source: Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

Comment by Rabbi from Dynasty of King David regarding the 2016 U.S. Election

I can only make comments in this Post at the level of Metaphor, and usually in the form of an allegory.

There is a reason why the Zohar always expresses the narrative in allegorical form to express that metaphor.

This is a major flaw in the structure of the Koran. As an example “an eye for an eye” is in the section of the Mishnah called “Nezikin”, or “The Laws of Damages”. It is the Oral Law that explains, that if you incurred damages to an innocent party, don`t compensate for the value of a tooth, but by the diminution to the individual`s earning-capacity or life-quality.

Let me begin with an example. Why do we do “warm-ups” before any athletic workout, such-as Martial-Arts session, Traditional Gym workout, or even Yoga workout? The reason is that in-order for the muscles, ligaments and joints to become circulated with fluid, delivered extra Oxygen, and become more resilient and flexible prior to the full stress of the workout.

This is a competition that Hillary has to win: The reason however, is quite counter-intuitive. If she loses America doesn`t only speak, but they discover things so sinister, that an entire swath of Ethicists will require fully-empowered authority to the extent of what had been planned and was already highly evolved and in practice affecting the life and destiny of every individual on the planet.

Under the Legal Authority of the United nations, a global network working through the N.S.A. has already developed a trajectory based on personal profiles, for life-or-death, birth or termination of pregnancy, and direction of newborns toward a line of viability, or dissemination within the industry of fetal body-parts, based on multiple ethnic and demographic factors and the individual profiles of the parents of the “products of conception”.

This is why, for the “Globalists” not having Universal Health was never an option: This is what gives the few hundred thousand elitists privilege over those not fortunate enough to be on the gravy-train. (Such as the religious, political rivals, non-obedient intellectuals, right-wing radio and T.V. anchors, and anyone potentially deemed as “unredeemable” such as Patriots and Tea-Party-Members).

Such “trouble-makers”, (as defined by their personal-favorability-ratings stored in Mega Data-Bases in Utah, under control of the N.S.A., should Clinton win, will be purged.

This doesn`t have-to be done in a dramatic way, since the Rockefeller Center, supported by NGO`s such as the Ford Foundation, large Pharmaceutical C.E.O.`s, The Clinton Foundation, other Universal Figureheads such as Bishop Tutu, Bill Carter, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and others, via a network of Operatives including a U.N. Army in hiding, Black Lives Matter, and Community Organizers: ranging from Community Agencies embedded in every target-community employed for the Federal Government, to Community P.C.P.`s, and University Faculty.

The Operatives, are`nt limited to the 19 Official Law-Enforcement agencies, but include prominent members of Congress on both sides of the Isle, and surprising moles implanted through the fabric of our society.

And you recently discovered that the Globalists, who offer Humanitarianism and Life-Support to all, have in-fact joined the ranks of all those who have sold their souls to be part of this world-wide elite circle of the privileged, at the expense of the rest of their citizens. The latter will perish in a multiplicity of ways, ranging from being the victims of economic collapse, medical death-panels who decide the dose of Thimerosal in their Flu-Shots, to the amount of fertility suppression in the injections that they mandate from within two-hours of birth until the final “Flu” or “Pneumonia” shot.

This process, begun on Humans in Auschwitz, continued in Bio-Labs, predominantly in North Africa by Hitler`s Germ-Scientists were rescued, and their identities recreated following WW-2. In other words, Germany lost, but the Nazis were protected, and re-pollinated by bother Eastern and Western Powers after the war for their prize-discovery: the ability to select a super-race, by various genetic manipulations, ranging from fruit larger and quicker to reach maturity and enrich their producers, to humans, whose lives would be shortened by decisions made by beurocrats based on their value to, or burden-on society.

Eugenics allows the few to control the many: What they breath, drink, eat, earn, and ultimately, how-long are permitted to live. What’s new to the formula is the ability to create a distance in time and space, between predator and Victim, while maintaining the predator`s anonymity.

The reason I cannot go into specifics is because if the common civilian, just living his life and trying to support his family, finds out the extent to which this is already in underway, then riots will break out.

Because we are living in the “Final Days” or “Chapter” of time, individuals like Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, George Soros, and Donald Trump, are not limited to their own specific narratives that also existed over many previous generations, the decisions they make, and the roles they play, are called “Archetypal” because of the resemblance they bear to the teachings of the Ancient Greeks, who also used allegory to express the metaphor of the narrative.

So “Father” in Hebrew, is called “Abba” and spelt in Hebrew as אב, while “Mother” is called “Imma”, spelt in the Zohar, in Aramaic, as אם.

At an Archetypal level, the beautiful Helen of Troy eloped from Greece with the Prince of Troy.

The original metaphor of Helen`s beauty being Archetypal since it transcended the simple narrative and co-opted a downstream-effect of a rage and jealousy of such intensity, that it consumed the two Superpowers.

Carl Jung took this a step-further by cautioning that we avoid being consumed by Archetypal Narratives since they carry Biblical Power whereby the individual who is unconscious or psychologically blind, can become drawn through impulse into one of such complexes. This could be “entitlement”, “envy”, “greedy” or “lustful” in a way that is enacted on the universal stage when the cycle of destiny has reached it`s period of closure where even imitators can unleash the power of the genetic-template of God`s script that sucks all the players into their self-chosen vortex. The one to which they will be locked in for eternity.

At the moment when the cover is removed from the false world and the World of Truth is revealed, is one to which all of mankind will become eternally embedded. For that reason, we are cautioned by the Rabbis in the “Ethics of the Fathers” to surround ourselves by wise and righteous people, run-away (if you are unable to influence them positively) from people of poor-character, scoffers and the like, frequently attend Houses of Worship to subjugate yourself before your Creator, because in so-doing the individual is building a foundation whereby he has selected those who can always function as role-models; constantly guiding one  in his development of service of his Creator, and respecting His other Creations.

From this desire to do good, arise those who miscarried and deformed the message, leaving a vulnerable pool of people who were exposed to disinformation of good and the lack of time and history to experience why this model kept collapsing.

The Gemara teaches us the virtue of charity. But a far-greater form of Charity is finding or teaching the destitute to support themselves. Since by being perpetually dependent on the community you bring shame on yourself. Whenever possible the individual should strive from turning to the community to support him as this is contemptible in God`s Eyes.

In the Classic Animal Farm by George Orwell, the pigs convince the cows and sheep to run the humans off the farm. After-all, the livestock do the work, while the humans, just think rather than toil. Yet the humans keep the profits. The pigs succeed in convincing the other livestock to stage a revolution that drives the people off the farm.

What follows is what has happened to the average American. under Obama and Clinton during the past eight-years: The masses (we are the `herd`, remember,) work harder, and earn less. But we are constantly informed by all of the press (who work for the piggy’s in Congress and the White House).

But are told about a “soft-recovery”. And although Obama keeps driving up the debt with any new program that will throw some carrots to animals on the farm. As a result of open-borders, there is increased violent crime and murder, as a form of distraction, and when the animals discover that the pigs (the elitist globalists) have brought in a pack of wolves, we are told that we have become disloyal to our fellow animals. We recoil at the accusation of “hate-speech” so we suppress our observation that we are under threat by importing more wolves but accused by the piggy`s that this is “hate-talk”.

When finally, one of the animals screams out at a town -hall meeting blurts out “how-come only the piggy`s have benefited from this revolution. We were told that all animals are equal, the piggy responds “this is true, all animals are equal, but some animals are just more-equal than others”.

The misuse of language to dumb-down, and confuse the population with disinformation, were vital for the Communist Revolution and is being currently by the free-press who have been bought-off by the piggys.

The reason why we see through WikiLeaks that there was nothing too low, or dirty, to which they will not resort to steal the election, is because the piggys know that what they’ve already done, prior to a Hillary Presidency, is so egregious, that the implications of discovery are simply unconscionable.

I have two further comments: Europe, because it is so steeped in Jewish Blood, and remain Seventy-Two Years following the Holocaust unrepentant as evidenced by creating the concept of the “Palestinian Refugee Crises”, doing whatever possible to inflict death and suffering on the remaining Jewish Population, will go through a genocide at the hands of the Islamic Invaders, a demographic invasion of Europe designed by Baghdadi.

The time has passed whereby the European communities (not individuals) can be forgiven for their role in Jewish History.

The choice of destiny has therefore been given over to the current ‘Edom”, “West” or equivalent of the Roman Empire, being the current Superpower.

If they give power to the globalists such as Soros, Obama, and Clinton, for another four years, Hillary has already shown that there is no Law that she cannot or will-not break. She will scoff her scorners and destroy all of her opposition, however she deems without consequence. She can sell-off America, destroy all evidence while under subpoena, openly cahoot with the Justice Department, deface the integrity and morale of the F.B.I., and then laugh at America while openly lying, scorning, smirking and scoffing, brimming herself for her victory parade before the vote with the knowledge that there`s nothing that can or will ever contain her.

If she wins, the discovery will be revealed to the remaining Americans who survive a tenure of ‘open-borders” and “open-budget” despite the fact that such a formula didn`t work for 8-years because it never did. But should America make the wrong choice, they will be condemned to a catastrophic end because they are no-longer protected by the One Positive Noahide Code of “Maintaining Courts of Justice and Officers to enforce the Law”. America will also lose the protections of “Do not kill” (late-life abortions are considered as “Genocide” by the Noahide Code; and “Immorality” (at the magnitude described in the Book of Genesis involving the inhabitants of Sodom).

The reason America`s survival is at stake is because, with the Iranian deal, it scoffed at Israel, placing her under continual existential threat without an objection from Congress.

For these reasons God has given Hillary protection for her evil while disguising Donald Trump, (a righteous gentile) as a promiscuous buffoon, in order to allow the Satan to test to see whether America can still earn the merit of returning away from its current level of deception to the side of virtue prior to Messiah`s arrival.